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Home Pest Control in Indianapolis

When Pests Invade, Trust Finally Pest Control To Get Rid Of Them!

When pests invade your home, they can steal your peace of mind and put your home and family at risk. Take back control of your home with the help of Finally Pest Control! To help resolve your pest problems, we'll eliminate any current pest pressures you're facing and ensure that your home and property remain pest-free far into the future. From one-time treatments to year-round pest control plans, we provide the quality pest control in the Indianapolis area you need to get back your peace of mind and put a stop to your pest problems!

Our General Pest Control Solutions

In our area, certain pests are more likely to invade homes than others. Instead of treating each of these household-invading pests individually, Finally Pest Control offers a general pest control plan to eliminate and protect against a variety of common pest pressures. Our services can be performed on a one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your specific needs.

At Finally Pest Control, our general pest control service provides coverage for ants, beetles, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, occasional invaders, and spiders.

During our pest control process, we'll perform several follow-up service visits which include interior and exterior treatments. Our interior treatments involve spraying the cracks and crevices throughout your home as well as laying out paper monitors such as glue boards; our exterior treatments include spraying the perimeter of your foundation and treating the eaves of your home.

When it comes to dealing with pests, prevention is always a better option than trying to get rid of them after the fact. If you've never thought about investing in a home pest control plan to protect your home and property from pests, there's no better time to get started than the present! By partnering with a trusted pest control professional, like the experts at Finally Pest Control, you can save yourself from ending up with an infestation down the road, sparing yourself the disruption of your peace!

Our Residential Pest Control Process

Thorough Inspections

By performing an initial inspection, Finally Pest Control’s professional service technicians will identify the unique pest pressures that you're dealing with in order to establish the best plan of action to eliminate them.

Quality Treatments

At Finally, we base our treatments on your specific pest control needs. Whether you're in need of one-time or on-going service, we’ll make sure to find the best possible solution to your pest control problems.

Follow-Up Visits

If necessary, we'll return to your property to make sure that our treatments are working as promised. If they aren’t, we'll find the effective solution needed to ensure that your home remains pest-free, guaranteed!

Our Specialty Pest Control Solutions

At Finally Pest Control, we provide targeted pest control services to get rid of certain common problem pests. These treatments include the following:

Bed Bug Control

At Finally Pest Control, we offer a variety of different services and treatment options in our bed bug control plans including: bed bug inspections, four treatments (including all infested areas, upholstered furniture, bed frames, box springs, carpets, and more), and a follow-up visit 30 days after treatment.

Rodent Control

To eliminate rodents, our professional rodent control plan includes: an initial inspection, rodent baiting and trapping services, and follow-up visits available on a one-time, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis (we recommend bi-monthly!)

Cockroach Control

At Finally Pest Control, our cockroach control plan is offered as a monthly service and includes: an initial inspection, baiting and trapping services as well as conventional cockroach control treatments (fumigation services are also available, if needed), and a follow-up visit 7-10 days after the initial treatment has been completed.

Termite Control

To get rid of wood-destroying termites, we offer a wide variety of effective termite control solutions including: pre-construction termite control treatments applied onto the ground where the house will be built that comes with a 10-year warranty, post-construction termite control treatments including Termidor® treatments, and termite bait stations including the Sentricon® System With Always Active™. In addition, our pest control experts are also certified to perform WDO/WDI inspections and reports.

Flea & Tick Control

In our area, fleas and ticks are known to spread a wide variety of diseases including murine typhus and heartworm (fleas) and Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis (ticks). To eliminate these dangerous parasitic pests, we utilize an interior chemical treatment performed every 10 days to ensure effectiveness.

Fly Control

If flies have become a problem in your home, we offer fly control services including interior chemical treatments and fly paper installation to help get rid of them!

Bee Control

For bee infestations, we offer a wide variety of services including exterior chemical treatments administered to nests and exterior dust treatments applied to areas where bees congregate. Our bee control services are not available for honey bees; for honey bee removal, we recommend contacting a beekeeper to remove them without harming them.

Keep Your Indianapolis, IN Home Pest-Free, Guaranteed!

When pests invade, we don’t want you to have to lose even a single night's sleep over it. Instead, just give the trusted pest control experts here at Finally Pest Control a call and we'll respond quickly to eliminate your pest problems and get your house back to feeling like home. When you partner with us, you'll never lose sleep due to pest problems again! To request an inspection for your Indiana home and property or to schedule a pest control service with us, contact us at Finally Pest Control today! When you call be sure to ask us about our comprehensive commercial pest control for businesses in the Indianapolis area.